Ghislaine Caprin
contemporary painter

« Painting at all times was my reason for living, my true passion, the driving force of my live. »


To tell the truth, I assume a considerable number of contradictions; very active I could have felt put off by the slow work mixing the spatula, brush and oil. Contemplative at my hours, passionate about geographical and tourist discoveries, in love with the great Canadian spaces, in love with freedom, I feel the need to stop in my race, facing a sunset on the lavender of Provence or the splendor of the Laurentian mountains after a beautiful snowstorm.

My passion: getting up in the morning, watching the young leaves of the spring trees, the magic of autumnal colors or the enchantment of freshly fallen snow, watching my unfinished canvas and feeling free to put my emotions in the color, the soft and unctuous gesture, a reflection of a sensuality expressed through the hours spent in this world of shadows and lights. If I continued to press on tubes of colors, after having meticulously chosen is good because I am a victim of a virus that enchants me and, I hope, you will enchant.

Dare the color!

• Oils •

My oils represent in turn the women of the 1930s, the forest trails, the water’s edges, the snow scenes, the landscapes of the Greek Islands, Provence, Quebec and Italy.

A unique work…

• Dry pastels •

With my dry pastels, I like to immerse myself in a voluptuous mix of moods, colors, warmth and light to create portraits, languid women and landscapes in powder edifice or more precise strokes.

…in your daily life. 

• Mixed techniques and Inks •

The dried sheet of paper serves as a support for the various inks that go wherever they want, creating forests, green landscapes… Sometimes I mix dry, fat pastels, gouache or acrylic.

Ghislaine Caprin,
contemporary painter

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Dry Pastels
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