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Ghislaine Caprin,
contemporary painter
Mobile: 06 40 07 82 11
E-mail: contact@art-caprin.com

Dare the color!

• Oils •

My oils represent in turn the women of the 1930s, the forest trails, the water’s edges, the snow scenes, the landscapes of the Greek Islands, Provence, Quebec and Italy.

A unique work…

• Dry pastels •

With my dry pastels, I like to immerse myself in a voluptuous mix of moods, colors, warmth and light to create portraits, languid women and landscapes in powder edifice or more precise strokes.

…in your daily life. 

• Mixed techniques and Inks •

The dried sheet of paper serves as a support for the various inks that go wherever they want, creating forests, green landscapes… Sometimes I mix dry, fat pastels, gouache or acrylic.