Ghislaine Caprin
contemporary painter

 « Painting at all times was my reason for living, my true passion, the driving force of my life. »


I was named Parisian cosmopolitan when I lived in the Paris region.
I owed it to the marriage of an Italian father and a French mother.
I was born on November 24, 1951 in Chevreuse near Paris in France. Very young I revealed a creative independence that would have ideally slipped under the fingers of a painter but things were different.

First self-taught, I soon attended a few artists’ salons while working to live with my two young children, a nurturing secretariat. My subjects of inspiration were firstly the worldly tea rooms then the hills of Provence, the Aegean Islands, Venice, women, then this Quebec that I love especially since I lived there. 

I gradually approached the oil, the brush and the knife without forgetting the mediating role of the line, in a flight of landscapes and women with empanachées who never have time to distill an elegant form of boredom, then the ink and acrylic and for two years dry pastels with which I tend towards abstraction. I think I have acquired over time the sense of color and for my female characters that of what we can call the line. 

Without preconceived ambition I let myself go to the pretty colorful discoveries, whether it is over my walks in the mountains, in the autumn and winter forest, in the countryside, near the lakes and rivers, and my characters I find them at the turning of a path. I remain animated by a real artistic passion while marveling at every moment of the beauty of the nature which surrounds us and realizing for a long time that it is essential to preserve this sublime nature. 

I use sennelier, old holland, rembrandt, van gogh oils and linens for a neater finish of my work and allow me a greater selection of pigments.
For my pastel works, I use sennelier brand pastel sticks, Rembrandt, inscribe, Faber-castel, inscribe and Künlerbedarf.
I also use also inks of China of different colors to lay out, according to my inspirations, all kinds of creations that take me where I want to go.

Dare the color!

• Oils •

My oils represent in turn the women of the 1930s, the forest trails, the water’s edges, the snow scenes, the landscapes of the Greek Islands, Provence, Quebec and Italy.

A unique work…

• Dry pastels •

With my dry pastels, I like to immerse myself in a voluptuous mix of moods, colors, warmth and light to create portraits, languid women and landscapes in powder edifice or more precise strokes.

…in your daily life. 

• Mixed techniques and Inks •

The dried sheet of paper serves as a support for the various inks that go wherever they want, creating forests, green landscapes… Sometimes I mix dry, fat pastels, gouache or acrylic.

Ghislaine Caprin,
contemporary painter

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Dry Pastels
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